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Easily the best accounting advice I have experienced. Chris allows me to focus on the important things in my business while he handles the tax requirements with a minimum of fuss. I have referred Chris to a number of my friends and family, highly recommended.

— Steve Walsh - LostGolfBalls —

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Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience who are passionate about tax refunds, developing business & Superannuation.

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Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

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Chris Wheatley

Director / CA

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Chris Wheatley

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    No matter what your business idea is, it’s a scary world out there when you finally take that big step, even to those who think they have planned for everything. What is your motivation for going into business? Who is dependent on your success? What do you stand to lose if there is no success? How good are your bookkeeping skills? All are rhetorical questions and to even contemplate answering them you need a thorough understanding of small business in this post-GFC, technology driven and always changing world.


    There is so much more to evaluate when buying an established business that the textbook expensive due diligence process does not touch (this also applies to buying a franchise). You are not just buying a business; you are buying a team of people that when working well together, make a profit for the managers; or an asset that when working efficiently will generate returns for the owner even while on holidays.

    — Chris Wheatley —

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“The high frequency of technological advances that have and will continue to occur, along with ongoing changes to government regulations will continue to transform the financial services industry. If you are not dynamic enough or if you are too bogged down in what you have always done, you will be left behind with a business system that may be sufficient today, but it will be made redundant tomorrow.”


Thanks for our meeting today, Chris.  Lots of boxes ticked that will enable our business to grow with clear visibility for all stakeholders.  I really appreciate the advice and it’s refreshing to have found a great accountant that knows what they are talking about and clearly wants the best for their customers, even if it means less chargeable hours.  Keep looking at the bigger picture and long term relationships. Good on you.  Shame you had to turn down lunch – maybe next time.

— Iain Gilmour, 3D Space Labs, May 2015 —

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There is so much value in having the right accountant in your life. Rather than your stereotypical accountant, they should be someone you can have a normal human conversation with; someone who is your sounding board for anything in your life involving a dollar sign while being able to understand what they are talking about.

The right accountant is a vital piece in solving what can seem like your financial puzzle so please have a look around our website, read through our blog and read what those in our network have to say, or give us a call to discuss your matters further.

Thanks heaps for the extra refund after amending last’s years tax return. We are putting a pool in at the moment & of course have gone over budget so that’s great!!

— Kris & Mandi —

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